Sunday, May 13, 2018

OMG! This is the Perfect Summer Drink!

Goodness of sugarcane packed in a bottle sans added sugar and preservatives - that’s OMG for you. OMG- Oh My Ganna is the coolest drink in town, a sugarcane juice that is 80 percent natural. 

I recently ordered a carton of 24 OMG bottles and was pretty impressed. This tasty, healthy and convenient beverage is already my go-to drink for this summer. It comes in three zesty flavours- Ginger, Cumin and Lemon. While the cumin flavor is sweet with only a hint of cumin; lemon flavor is for those who don't want their sugarcane juice to be overtly sweet. The packaging gets full marks- pint-size bottles that are easy to open. 

In a market full of aerated drinks and artificially sweetened juices, OMG comes as a refreshingly different drink. The parent company Nutricane Beverages  has not just ensured that the drink is free from chemical preservatives but also that the packaging is environment-friendly. Good for your health and mother Earth's too! 

A lot goes behind the scenes when you are set to launch a drink like this. In this case it was extensive R&D and consumer trials that were done over the years to launch a beverage that will become a staple among conscious  and discerning consumers. While the launch is already making a lot of buzz on social media with consumers giving it a thumbs up ( yes pun intended), the makers are busy strengthening distribution, ensuring that it is available at all modern trade stores.

Sugarcane juice is a rich source of Vitamin C and anti-oxidants. It helps boost immunity, fight infections and also helps in strengthening liver, that’s why you would often hear people recommend it for jaundice patients. The health benefits of sugarcane juice galore, but one cannot trust the roadside vendors who sell sugarcane juice often in unhygienic conditions. Therefore its a no-brainer that next time I visit a supermarket for my grocery shopping, I will stock up my fridge with OMG. 

The bottle is priced at Rs 40 and lasts for about six months. The pack of four is handy and good gifting option as well. Have a super summer Explorers and tell us in comments section about your great finds for this summer.  

P.S: This article has been written after trying different flavors of OMG! Oh My Ganna over 10 days, so you can be assured of its authenticity. 

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