Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Thank God It's Healthy

When a restaurant chain that has been consistently serving good food in an even better ambience launches a ‘healthy menu’, you just go to try it out. 

On a Saturday night, that was not supposed to be the sin night, I headed to TGIF located at DLF Place Mall in Saket. As usual the music was perfect, the ambience was right for a casual dinner out. The new ‘Super Healthy Foods Menu’ that the global chain has launched in India is concise but just what foodies like me need- guilt free tasty treat. 

To start with I ordered the very healthy Fruits and Nuts Super Salad. It looked good, colorful and surprisingly was not the mundane healthy salad that we have to do when we go out. Of course it was full of super foods rich in antioxidants- crisp lettuce, spinach and broccoli topped with walnuts, apples, dried apricots, cranberries, and blueberries. As I posted some pictures on my Insta story, the janta was already asking me which new restaurant I had checked into. Well not new its our good ol’ TGIF! 

Fruits and Nuts Super Salad at TGIF

Next came the Salmon. When I saw the menu it was a no-brainer that I had to order the Salmon. That’s what a tasty nutritious super food meal for me is- Fish. In fact my friends often joke that I married a Bengali so that I can binge on fish dishes all my life ( of course not many know that Sindhis equally love their fish, though they don’t obsess over it). The new menu offers Salmon in two avatars- Pomegranate Honey Mustard Salmon and the second being Salmon with Cucumber Yogurt Sauce. Since my server recommended the first one, I ordered that. The deets: Grilled Salmon Filet topped with pomegranate honey mustard vinaigrette and served with toasted almond, cranberry & blueberry couscous and ginger garlic kale. Super foods done right, served right. 

Pomegranate Honey Mustard Salmon

Meanwhile husband settled for his fix of protein- Wasabi Miso Glazed Chicken. Marinated in lemon and olive oil, the grilled chicken breast was topped with a spicy wasabi miso sauce making it delicious. I had recommend both salmon and chicken items. 

Wasabi Miso Glazed Chicken

The surprise and what I had say is a must try item on the new menu is actually the vegetarian option— Vegetarian Tex Mex Chili. Chipotle peppers, sun-ripened tomatoes and red onions lend the right flavor to beans and spicy brown rice pilaf. I was almost upset about giving it step-motherly treatment for being vegetarian but it turned out be an underdog. 
We rounded off our meal with the berrilicious Fruit Crumble. Healthy dessert sounds like an oxymoron, except when you are ordering one from TGIF’s new healthy menu that is loaded with strawberries, blueberries, blackberries and peaches.  

Fruit Crumble

Why you should go for TGIF’s healthy menu? Besides being a tasty option for those who like to watch what they eat, this menu is a limited period one valid from May to July, so you gotta hurry up. 

Fast Facts: 
-TGI Fridays has 13 restaurants in India.
-Its operating hours are 12 noon to 12 midnight.  
-For more information, visit www.tgifindia.com.

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