Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Babymoon Diary: What It's Like to Travel When You're Pregnant

It’s one of the most overwhelming phase in a woman’s life. Right from the day you get the news, to the D-Day or the Delivery Day, pregnancy is a phase marked with lot of emotions and moments that will stay with you for a lifetime. 

Being a travel blogger whenever I thought about getting pregnant, the first thoughts were whether I will be able to travel during pregnancy or not. It wasn't the deciding factor for planning one, but maybe one of the deterrents. Whenever I was asked Nation’s favorite question- When are you planning to have kids- I would start making a mental calculation about the time it would take to check all those destinations on my travel bucket list.   

Surprisingly when I did get the news of my pregnancy, travel was the last thing on my mind. I was looking forward to the nine months of pampering and puking, seeking answers to all the questions that I had and just too excited planning the arrival of my baby. I had tickets booked for a trip to Langkawi (Malaysia) with my husband and another couple. Incidentally the couple that was traveling with us too were expecting their first baby. My friend was in her second trimester, while for me it was just the second month. My husband was in no mood to cancel the trip and truth be told my itchy feet didn’t want to cancel either. 

They say second trimester is a safe time to travel, but I was still in my first trimester. When I asked my gynecologist she told me that even though traveling as such doesn't have any direct negative impact, its a grey area wherein as a doctor she can’t give me a clear ‘yes’ or ‘no’. I took my chance and travelled. It wasn't one of the best trips of my life, since I was feeling nauseous most of the time but now being a new mom I am glad I travelled during my pregnancy. Thankfully we had tickets booked for business class and I slept through the flight. There were some obvious restrictions like I couldn't go for adventure sports or cable car ride but there were whole lot of touristy things that I couldn't do like getting a spa massage done or going to that popular night club. One had to be careful while eating too, so experimenting with a new cuisine was not an option since it could make an already nauseous me sick. But now when I look back all I remember are those leisurely walks on the beach and sipping coconut water at the hotel pool side.  I have realized it was a good idea to have that baby moon, as life is one roller coaster ride now with the baby and travelling is not an option for next few months. 

Sun and Sand helps you beat the pregnancy blues! 
I also travelled to Rajasthan during my pregnancy. It was a weekend vacation at the stunning boutique resort- Lakshman Sagar in Pali. By that time I was in my second trimester and was feeling much better. So it was a smooth one. Plus since the place serves meals cooked home-style with fresh organic ingredients, it did good to me. Being a  domestic holiday I was less jittery about it. 

Even though I am a spa addict, full body massage was not an option so I settled for a facial at the spa at Lakshman Sagar

It is a great idea to go on a Babymoon but remember its not all glam and easy. So if you are planning to go on one, think and plan well. Yes we all pregnant girls dreamt of lying on a white sand beach with a baby bump shining against the turquoise waters after learning about Shahid and Mira’s Maldivian baby moon…but don't jump at the idea looking at those celeb pictures. 

Shamira returning from their Babymoon

Here are some tips that will help you in planning a Babymoon, if it’s your first time.   

1) Think Baby Moon, Think Luxury! 
Yes don’t even think about a budget holiday. You don’t want to risk anything while you are pregnant. Ensure you book a centrally located hotel with all the amenities, a comfortable car and flight thats not too crammed. If you cant afford an international luxury trip, settle for a domestic destination instead. Don't assume you will manage, its tougher than what we imagine it to be. In India, train travel can be a nightmare for a pregnant woman for a simple reason that the toilets are not clean! One needs to pee a lot during pregnancy. Road trip is a better idea for short distances. 

2) Avoid travelling during first trimester

Wait and watch how your pregnancy is shaping up. During first trimester one is still getting used to all the physical and emotional changes. Doctors too advise not travelling during first and last three months of the pregnancy. I personally feel fifth and sixth months are the best to travel since the bump is not too big and by fifth month we are used to all the body changes and sickness. 

3) Talk to Your Gynaecologist
I know lot of girls who didn't want to discuss their travel plans with their gynecologists because they fear being discouraged. My gynae too discouraged me for my first trip, but was surprisingly quite happy when I told her about my plans of travelling in the second trimester. If she says a no, ask her to give you reasons. If she says a yes, take as many tips as you can. My gynae told me to avoid plane food for a simple reason that its stale. That was a helpful tip. Of course we all google as well for such tips but your gynae can tell you things specific to you since she knows your exact condition. 

4) Just follow your heart! 
People will have lot of free advice to give when you are pregnant, from telling you how to eat to how to walk (yes seriously!) and unfortunately the flow of these free suggestions will only increase once you have your baby. In India, travelling for fun ( the better term of course is leisure travel) during pregnancy is still a taboo. Don’t listen to people who discourage you, if you want to travel go ahead, but if you don't feel up to it don't give in to the pressure from husband who might insist and has good reason to do so. After all you have that big belly! 

If you do go for lot of selfies! You have no idea how adorable you look with that pregnancy glow and cutesy bump, the resort wear just makes that belly look even sexier! 


  1. How cute is this post 😊. I am sure it will encourage a lot of pregnant women and their families to travel during their baby mooning period.

    1. Thank you Prerna! Coming from a successful mommy blogger and an experienced mom, this means a lot :)

  2. Just read your post and being a new mum and an avid traveller I am glad I did take a trip in my first trimester.There are too many hormonal changes inside the body and a trip to a relaxed destination does makes the pregnancy enjoyable.Also,it is good to take a trip in the pregnancy since it might not be possible to travel after delivery atleast for some months with the little one.
    I do agree with the dont's mentioned in the post.But,I believe one should listen to their body and when the body says 'Stop' , just relax..A baby moon is a must to prepare and enjoy the rest of the journey

    1. Hey Vaishali! Thank You for your lovely comment. Your tip is definitely useful .. listen to your body, hell yeah! You've got a great website.

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