Thursday, July 9, 2015

Why Travel Bloggers Are Talking About Asus ZenFone 2 !

I am often asked which DSLR camera do I use when I am travelling? When I reply that I don't use a DSLR for my blog and mostly rely on my phone camera, I either see the other person's upper lip curl in disdain or a shocked expression. Travel Blogger who doesn't own a DSLR! Yeah that's rare.

Now let me tell you why I am a phone camera person. I never leave my heels or red lipstick behind when I am traveling, so lugging around a bulky DSLR is not my kind of a thing. Social Media we all know is very important for bloggers today. Phone is easy to carry around and I can immediately upload the pictures I click, when traveling, on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. Who wants to wait to transfer them to a laptop and then upload them. Yes there are faster and easier ways to do that using a DSLR camera with bluetooth or wi-fi features as well but pardon me I am not a tech geek and those gadgets are exorbitantly priced.

So when I heard about Asus ZenFone 2 that is loaded with some incredible camera features it got me excited. Hearing the blogger chatter about this phone I decided to find out myself about some of these features. Here they are:

  • You can click detailed pictures using its 13 MP camera on the 'Super Resolution Mode' which clicks four 13 MP pictures to create a single image. So you get 4X clarity! Beauty is in the details right.            
  • Remember last time you were at that romantic candle-light dinner and couldn't capture your moments because the restaurant was dimly lit? Asus ZenFone 2 has an unparalleled Low Light Mode that helps you click clear photos and videos throughout the night and in dim-light settings. Its Digital Image Stabilizer also helps click sharper non-blurry photos. Sounds great!
  • It clicks better indoor portrait shots, thanks to its Dual LED Real Tone Flash.
  • Using its special wide angle mode one can capture a panoramic selfie of upto 140 degrees. Are you imagining that Big Wide Selfie already?
  • With a 'Full Manual Mode' where you can change settings it is like having a professional DSLR in your hand. This phone comes with 13 manual settings that you can adjust. And you still think travel bloggers need to carry a DSLR?
  • Then there is ZenUI MiniMovie- a preinstalled app that lets you create your own movies. Simple and Easy!
  • Its front camera intuitively switches to the Beautification Mode and you and your friends look better in real time. Ladies are you listening? 
So well bloggers like me who do not own  DSLR, Asus ZenFone 2 definitely makes their work more fun. If you also eyeing this smartphone, here is the link to buy Asus on FlipKart .

Besides its camera features, the phone has been getting attention worldwide owing to its technology and design as well. It has won about 238 awards globally from international journalists and IT companies. Exciting isn't it? 

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