Sunday, July 19, 2015

Flipkart #AbHarWishHogiPoori

I love traveling. Even if you wake me up at 3am in the night and tell me that lets go on a road trip, the chances are I would start packing my bags. I love surprise gifts too. They make one feel special and wanted. Don't they? 

Last year one morning my husband told me to pack my bags and that he was taking me on a surprise holiday. He didn't tell me till the last moment where we were going. We reached a quaint little town off Nainital where he had booked a room in a cottage property. I was absolutely thrilled, the room was straight out of a fairy tale, with an attic and glass ceiling from which you could gaze at the stars at night. It felt even more like a fairytale because my prince was right there with me! 

There are many such holidays that he has gifted me. Last year on my birthday he planned vacation for us in the US. After spending some time in New York, he told me we were also going on a three day Miami-Bahamas-Miami cruise. It was my first time on a cruise and those three days were magical. While I spent most time on the deck, every evening my husband ensured that he went to the fitness centre on board. He is a fitness freak and doesn't even miss exercising when on a vacation! And I have always admired him for his love for all things fitness. No matter how busy hi work schedule is he takes out time to hit the gym.

There are many vacations that I have taken with him but the most special will always be the ones which were 'gifted'. Isn't that so thoughtful to gift someone what they love! Somehow I have never been able to gift him something that he will truly cherish. Or may I say he is always a step ahead when it comes to planning and surprising. 

One day while surfing Flipkart I came across a Fitbit Charge Wireless Activity Fitness Band and immediately it reminded me of him. I had thought once earlier of buying it but assumed the latest model was not available in India. It also reminded me how a fellow travel blogger Swati recently bought a Canon Printer on the website for her father who loves clicking pictures. Its a great feeling to gift your loved ones something that they can use to pursue their passion. It makes the gift more valuable than its monetary worth. That why they say on Flipkart #AbHarWishHogiPoori  

While he would use the Fitbit everyday, I am sure we will have a new companion now on all our  holidays. He can keep a record of his cardio exercises and heart rate and I can keep a tab on his sleep patterns. Don't we all wives want our husbands to have a good night's sleep! 

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