Saturday, February 14, 2015

Decoding Discounts and Deals on VoucherCloud

It's no secret that I love traveling. Considering my frequency and love for travel my friends on social media often ask me where am I headed to next. So friends, my next destination is the city that is home to the icon of love- Taj Mahal. Yes Agra it is. 

Agra is just two hours (ok considering Delhi's traffic three hours) from Delhi, so you will ask me what's so exciting about that! So I will tell you the story to get you a bit excited. 

I stumbled upon this great website that has discount coupons and deals for various categories- fashion, electronics, entertainment and travel, to name  a few. I quickly logged in, using my Facebook account. After exploring a bit, I went to the travel section which had deals and coupons for air tickets, hotel bookings and even car hire. There were many tempting deals and coupons for air travel but it was a weekend holiday out of Delhi on my mind so I went to hotel discount vouchers.  

I decided visiting Taj Mahal during the month of love- February- was a good idea. It also happens to be my husband's birthday this month and I thought a surprise visit to Agra will be just perfect. I usually book hotels on so that was my first choice obviously. VoucherCloud had a whopping 55 per cent off  for bookings on but it was valid only for hotels abroad. Similarly there was a great deal for Expedia- a 50 per cent off on selected hotels. But none of these deals covered a five star hotel in Agra. Finally I came across a coupon code that offered 33 per cent discount if you book on Travelguru. I copied the code and used on the website and voila got a room at the stunning ITC Mughal property. On my check-in date the room tariff was 50% lower than on a weekend and on top of that a 33 per cent discount worked wonderfully. So I managed getting a room, with breakfast, at an unbelievable price of Rs 6500! 

Vouchercloud not only helped me in getting a great discount but also introduced me to a great hotel booking site Travelguru. I would have never logged on the site otherwise as and have always been on top of my mind.

The booking experience on Travelguru too was fast and smooth. Planning your next holiday? Don't forget scouting for a deal on Vouchercloud guys. 


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