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5 Reasons Why You Should Book with the Alternate Atlas

Being a travel blogger, my friends often call me up to take suggestions for their trips and how should they go about making their travel bookings. I am myself on a lookout for travel companies who have something interesting to offer and not just the usual 'touristy' itineraries. I came across a homegrown travel company Alternate Atlas and after making bookings with them and interacting with the owners, I concluded that they are just brilliant at what they do. So next time you are looking at being a traveller and not just a tourist you must give them a call. If you are not convinced, here are five reasons why you should book with them.  

1) Because they do offbeat, experiential tours

Get over run-of-the-mill tours, Alternate Atlas will take you to offbeat destinations. Whether it is photography tours at wildlife parks, cycling by the river on your honeymoon, angling in the Tirthan Valley , food trails from Delhi to Koch or driving from Delhi to Nagaland to attend the annual Hornbill Festival. This list is definitely not exhaustive. So you could add some more life to your upcoming family vacation, weekend getaway or honeymoon by getting in touch with them. Sounds interesting and inspiring right?  

2) It’s run by two avid travelers 

Alternate Atlas is the brainchild of Karan Jung and Jatin Kapoor. While Karan is a professional motor rally driver and has won Raid De Himalyas and other motor sports events, Jatin is a trained naturalist with a keen interest in conservation. They have worked on various documentaries of BBC and Discovery and successfully led groups.

Karan Jung is a professional motor rally driver 

They live to travel, how else would you justify covering 40000 kms on roads in India just to find a new resort, a new destination , a new pic nic spot or a new camp site.

Jatin Kapoor is a trained naturalist and has keen interest in conservation

So the crux of the matter is, Karan and Jatin are not armchair holiday specialists. They have been there, done that. Actually they are out there, doing it even as I write this blog post. 

3) They pay attention to details 

Whether it is looking after your food allergies or handing out mosquito patches for an evening dinner or getting your favorite chocolate fondue served to you at breakfast during a game drive. The honeymooning guests are often surprised with a bottle of wine which arrives when they are spending time at their private pool villa. They take care of minutest of the details so that your holiday is a memorable one! 

3) It is an eco-friendly company

Alternate Atlas is committed at being an environmentally responsible travel organisation. In order to raise the bar they invest in carbon reduction projects whether it is afforestation or creating organic manure and distributing it among their guests to use in their kitchen garden. They certainly want to leave a better world for future generations.

5) They ensure safety and comfort of women travelers! 

From Spiti to Shillong, Kovalam to Kanha and from Goa to Garhwal-They have planned exclusive trips for women and looked after them extremely well.

They have had a team member accompany solo woman traveller on an overnight train journey, a female tour leader to look after the logistics when a group of women is on an adventure trip and often had out a list of shopping stores to women travellers. Girls when was the last time a tour company, run by men, was so thoughtful!    

Recently one of my acquaintance's wife based in Mexico was visiting India and asked me for a travel company to book her India tour. She was quite skeptical about the safety aspect and we exchanged several emails where I tried answering her pertinent question "Is India safe for a solo woman traveller". I did try answering all her questions and having booked with Alternate Atlas earlier, I recommended her the company. She gave me an awesome feedback about Karan and Jatin. Not only did they attend to all her queries patiently, they ensured that a person from their company accompanies her on her train journey from Delhi to Varanasi, her flight timings are not erratic and accommodation is safe. 

On their group tours, including adventure trips and jungle safaris, Alternate Atlas ensures not only safety of women but their comfort too. 

One of the many testimonials on their website
I must say Alternate Atlas is quite famous among women travelers as I have seen several testimonials from women on their website and social media pages. Of course then there is me- a woman travel blogger myself- recommending them. 

Get in Touch with them : www.alternateatlas.com 

Have a look at their Blog: www.alternateatlas.blogspot.com 

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