Saturday, December 20, 2014

The Nomadic Spalon: Beauty and Wellness Comes Home!

At 11:30 am sharp on a winter morning my therapists for the day Reena and Nidhi were at my door step in their well-tailored  uniforms. In next ten minutes they transformed my living room into a spa complete with fragrant candles and soothing music. They had even nicely laid out a foldable bed for the treatment! The Nomadic Spalon's service, efficiency and the concept made a great first impression.

Serving With a Smile: Seema Nanda
The Nomadic Spalon is the brainchild of entrepreneur and spa consultant Seema Nanda. Having worked extensively with spas located in hotels, Seema realized that in this fast paced world it was increasingly annoying many women to adhere to the 'salon timings' and the commute time often spoiled the experience that a spa aims to provide. That's how The Nomadic Spalon was born- to give a professional salon and spa experience in the comfort of your home as per your convenience. The Nomadic Spalon offers services ranging from facial, waxing, manicure, pedicure to a spa massage, for both men and women in Delhi-NCR. Have a look at their menu for details.

I had pre-booked a manicure, pedicure and swedish massage. With Delhi's temperature dipping it was nice to get beauty treatment done comfortably at home. The girls were quite skilled and I was quite happy with my manicure and pedicure done using VLCC products. The nails were well shaped and glowing. 

I am a regular at spas and review them for a living but still I was pleasantly surprised that how they had managed giving a good spa experience in my home and even created an ambience. The one hour Swedish massage (Rs 1500) was relaxing and value for money. Of course if its a spa treatment for a particular ailment that you are looking for going to a specialized spa like Kairali or the Aura Thai Spa is a better idea but if it's quick rejuvenation you are up for ( and don't have time or energy to step out of your home) you must try The Nomadic Spalon.   

I am definitely calling them home more often and putting them on speed dial as I am really impressed by the professionalism. Many  a times I have waited at salons in the tony GK2 market, which houses all top notch salons, despite a prior appointment. At times when you are there to get the impending waxing done or a quick threading, they cajole you into a facial or a hair spa even if you are not game for it. Thankfully The Nomadic Spalon's team followed instructions and concentrated on pampering and making the experience truly rejuvenating. 
Since they were punctual, I was done with my beauty treatments within the estimated time and as scheduled attended an official meeting post my session with the team. So yes it was hassle-free and saved me from getting stuck in a traffic jam or waiting at a salon's reception to clear the bill. For women who have toddlers to take care of at home or work long hours, this service is definitely a boon!

Putting Their Best Foot Forward: The Nomadic Spalon Team 
Reena and Nidhi were smiling even after they were done with the treatment. I didn't see a speck of tiredness on their faces and they comfortably left in a car that their employer provides. Many multi- national companies can learn basic people management skills from entrepreneurs like Seema for whom the safety and security of her employees is paramount. The Nomadic Spalon is following the simple mantra of keeping its employees happy to ensure satisfied customers.

For an appointment you can call on : 08010135135

The Nomadic Spalon Menu (For complete menu visit their website)

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