Thursday, April 3, 2014

World On Your Platter! Ssence at the Suryaa Hotel

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When a newly launched restaurant is buzzing with people on a week night, you know it’s doing something right.  So when we saw world cuisine restaurant Ssence at the Suryaa Hotel being flocked by foodies of the city and tourists alike, we checked it out to know what is it that it’s doing right.

Here is the how and why of it. Ssence at the re-branded Suryaa Hotel in Delhi’s New Friends Colony spoils you for choice- with its offerings from round the world- there is Indian, Italian, American and few other specialities. 

It serves the no-brainers like the Chicken Burger, Kathi Roll, pasta in a choice of sauce, thin crust pizzas, Biryani and also the dishes for the discerning food lovers-Asparagus Champagne Risotto (Rs 945) , Lamb Shank Tagine (Rs 945) and the Vilayati Subz Masala (Rs 645).  
But the not-to-be-missed items on the menu are the quintessential Galouti Kebabs (Rs 995), the Country Corn Fed chicken Breast (Rs 1595) from the grills and Paella Mixta (Rs 1095).  Galoutis are done perfectly, corn fed chicken sumptuous and the taste of paella with sea-food will actually transport you to Spain! Vegetarians must try the Subz Galouti Kebab (Rs 945)- the Indian version of mock meat.     

While its ala-carte that’s a better choice at some restaurants, at Ssence even the buffet is elaborate and done with lot of detailing. The salads and cold cuts are displayed in refrigerated shelves, an Indian chef dishes out paapdi-chat at the live counter and there is  Teppanyaki ice-cream and must say the guy behind that counter is an expert. A must try! Ssence has made buffet lunch and dinners exciting. Chef Sanjay Bahl takes care not just of the kitchen and recipes, but has infused lot of energy in the restaurant. The result: There is never a dull moment at Ssence.  
With so many restaurants making a debut it seems India is witnessing the eating-out revolution. Most of them, be it home-grown or international, source freshest of ingredients and have hired best of chefs. Then what is it that makes you want to go back to a restaurant? It’s the impeccable service. Our table manager ensured that he pairs our wine perfectly with food and that the glass was never empty. And that’s what the service is all about for we Indians.      
With it’s luxurious yet lively ambience, Ssence is an experience! When you see your mushroom soup look exactly like a cup of Cappuccino, the tag line of the restaurant – A Culinary Showcase- actually resonates in your head. The hotel, Suryaa, has seen many restaurants come and go. We just hope this one stays! 
Lunch Buffet: Rs 1500
Dinner Buffet: Rs 1750
Chandon Sunday Brunch: Rs 2600
Avg Cost: Rs 3,000 for two people

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