Monday, July 23, 2012


I agree I am a spa s***.  But then tell me what can be more orgasmic than an hour-long massage followed by an aromatic bath. Given an option, all of us love visiting spas, don't we! I have visited quite a few of them myself in last six months. Now it's not always easy to pen down what you feel about a particular massage, but here I am trying to list the best of what I have experienced.

Eros Spa-- Hilton Mayur Vihar

This was one of the best spa experiences I have had, but then I am being biased because it was for the first time I indulged in a couple massage with my hubby at the couple suite of the six-month old spa. Though we have visited spas together earlier somehow we could never get a massage done together cause either the spa didn't have a couple suite or was booked or under renovation. And oh baby what was I missing out on! Not only was it rejuvenating and heavenly but a lot of fun too. While I got a soothing slumber massage done, hubby opted for the hot stone massage. It was also for the first time I was getting a massage done that involved a 'wrap'. But the high point was definitely the herbal jacuzzi bath that we went for (of course together).

All in all it was quite a treat. Must visit. And though a heavy dinner or lunch is not recommended after a spa massage, it would be foolish to go all the way to this property and not have the sumptuous buffet meal. Rules can be broken once in a while...go for it!

Espa-- Hotel Leela

Ok so you expect quite a bit when you are heading to a Spa that's an international brand. I had heard quite a bit about Espa, before I finally decided to get one done there. And because it was Espa it had to be their Signature Massage that involved hot stone therapy. So did it meet all the expectations? No! Because it clearly exceeded expectations that I had. I am greedy...I don't like a 60-minute wham-bham-thank you mam massage. I want the sessions to be long (yes like good sex). The good thing about the signature massage was that it included all the rituals from foot massage to hot-stone therapy to a facial. A good massage should linger on even after you are done with it. Even today when I hear Espa, I can feel the imported hot stones rubbing my back, relaxing it's every muscle.

Spa at the Oberoi Rajvilas

It's the epitome of hospitality. The efficacy of the hotel staff seems to have rubbed on the spa services too. Years ago (I think it was 2006), I got a massage done at the Trident, Gurgaon-- another star of a property from the Oberoi stable. The massage at Trident was brilliant to say the least. But that was the time when their spas were run by Banyan Tree, so I wasn't surprised when the masseur grinded apples and fresh tomatoes right in front of my eyes while I was lying on the bed for the massage, and rubbed them vigorously on my body. That was new to me, but then it was Banyan Tree!

At Rajvilas, couple of months back I wasn't sure if I would still be surprised by their standards, as the hotel runs the spa themselves now after the contract with the Banyan Tree added. My doubts were rebuffed. I have never loved the masseur so much! She pressed all the points to ease the stress-- that's what I call Art. I dozed off --  it was better than good night's sleep.

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